Smart, Cordless, Compact: The Wireless Feeder That Does It All

Say goodbye to all your pet feeding worries with the PETLIBRO AIR Wi-Fi Feeder, our latest addition to the AIR series that is sure to get your cat meowing with excitement. This AIR automatic cat feeder has everything pet owners could ask for.Not only does it allow for custom feeding portions of fresh and clean food during the schedule of your choice, it also allows you to fully control it through the app, enjoy 24/7 wireless functionality, and flexibly move it anywhere in the house thanks to the feeder’s compact and aesthetically-pleasing qualities. Have we got you and your cat’s curiosity?

PETLIBRO:Smart, Cordless, Compact: The Wireless Feeder That Does It All

Smart App Controls

The AIR pet feeder and the PETLIBRO app are specially designed for your peace of mind. Custom pet feeding schedules with the portion of your choice become as simple as a few taps, and avoiding the cumbersome task of pressing programmable buttons on the feeder. Furthermore, you can also monitor your cat’s mealtimes through the app’s feeding logs, as well as receive important instant alerts to keep your cat happy, such as when it's time to refill food, battery levels are low, or other abnormal conditions have emerged that warrant your attention. Better yet, up to 5 users can use the app at the same time!

PETLIBRO:Smart, Cordless, Compact: The Wireless Feeder That Does It All

24/7 Wireless Functionality

Did you know the AIR automatic cat feeder can maintain full 24/7 functionality while being completely wireless? This is thanks to the 5200mAh built-in lithium battery which is designed to efficiently utilize energy, lasting up to a whopping 30 days before needing to recharge! Enjoy all the benefits of the smart PETLIBRO app and Wi-Fi connection even while the AIR pet feeder is unplugged!

PETLIBRO:Smart, Cordless, Compact: The Wireless Feeder That Does It All

Designed for Convenience

As one of PETLIBRO’s smallest feeders yet, the wireless AIR WiFi feeder can be placed at any location of your choosing: the living room, bedroom, kitchen… The choice is yours! No matter the place, your pet can enjoy fresh and clean food from the feeder’s grade 304 stainless steel bowl and excellent sealing performance. In addition, feeder maintenance has never been easier.The AIR cat feeder is designed to be easily assembled and disassembled to make cleaning and setting up a breeze.

Combining smart technology, continuous wireless functionality, and compact convenience, the PETLIBRO AIR WiFi Feeder is the perfect cost-effective solution for pet owners who want a feeder that does it all. We don’t want you to be needlessly spending money on extra accessories or products to ensure your pets get the best feeding experience, which is why PETLIBRO has done thorough research to present a feeder that solves all the biggest pain points of pet parents. What are you waiting for? Breathe that AIR of relief with this WiFi feeder now!