What is the Main Consideration for Automatic Feeder? 2023 Update


  1. Capacity
  2. Captivating Pet Perspectives
  3. Preserve Routine with a Comforting Call
  4. Master Their Mealtimes Wherever You Are
  5. A Fresh and Safe Taste with Every Bite
  6. Conclusion

Automatic feeders have become popular among pet owners as they offer a convenient way to manage pets' mealtimes. They provide various features that make feeding pets easier and more efficient.

However, choosing the right automatic feeder can be overwhelming due to the diverse range of options available in the market. In this article, we will explore the main considerations for automatic feeders, including capacity, picture-perfect features, capturing memories, preserving routine, mastering mealtimes, and ensuring freshness and safety.

By understanding these factors, you can make an informed decision and select the best automatic feeder that suits your pet's needs.


Providing enough food for your furry friends while you're away requires choosing the right automatic pet feeder with an appropriate capacity.

The capacity of an automatic feeder refers to the maximum amount of dry or wet food it can hold at one time. A larger capacity allows for storing more food between refills — an important consideration for longer pet-free trips.

Here are some reasons an automatic feeder's volume matters:

  • Length of Absence: The longer you'll be gone, the higher the capacity you'll likely need. Feeders with capacities of 15 to 30 pounds of dry food can typically accommodate absences of up to 2 weeks, while those with higher capacities may cover months.
  • Pet's Daily Food Intake: Heavier pets and those with high metabolisms tend to eat more food every day. Compare this amount to the maximum capacity of different feeders to determine one suitable for your pet's needs.
  • Food Type: Wet food has a lower calorie density. So if your pet eats canned food, look for a feeder with a larger capacity to hold enough meals between refills.
  • Features: More advanced feeders with extras like multiple dispensing compartments or self-cleaning cycles tend to have higher capacities to accommodate more food and longer durations between cleanings.
  • Build Quality: Feeders made from sturdier, more durable materials like stainless steel can offer higher capacities without overflowing problems compared to cheaper plastic options.

Captivating Pet Perspectives

An integrated HD camera can provide valuable insights into your pet's well-being while also making them feel your presence. This is a main consideration when choosing an automatic pet feeder.

Features of the Built-in 1080p HD Camera

The integrated camera's wide-angle lens, high resolution, night vision, and motion detection capabilities allow you to monitor your pet's every move around their feeding station.

Benefits of the Camera for Monitoring Pet's Meals

By watching your pet eat through the camera, you can ensure they are eating properly, see if any health issues arise, and even dispense treats remotely —helping to maintain your pet's routine while you are away.

Some key benefits:

  • Reassurance: Your pet sees and hears you, reducing anxiety around mealtimes.
  • Precious memories: Funny moments and mischief are captured on video for you to enjoy later.
  • Health monitoring: You can quickly identify any appetite, behavior, or activity issues.
  • Round-the-clock access: Checking in whenever you want gives extra peace of mind.

An integrated HD camera transforms an ordinary automatic pet feeder into a powerful remote monitoring tool that addresses both your pet's physical and mental needs while you are away.

The ability to "be there" through video and audio significantly enhances what a basic feeder alone can provide, making it a key consideration when choosing the right device.

Preserve Routine with a Comforting Call

Pets thrive on regularity because it gives their everyday lives a sense of stability and familiarity. By calling your pet to their meals, automatic feeders with a two-way speech system enable you to keep regular feeding schedules. Even though you aren't there in person, they still feel secure because of your voice's soothing sound. This function supports your furry friend's well-being by lowering stress and anxiety.

Master Their Mealtimes Wherever You Are

Pet owners who pick Petlibro products have complete control over their pets' mealtime, anytime, anywhere, thanks to the Petlibro Lite app. You can easily arrange food portions, diets, and feeding times with the help of this straightforward app, all from the convenience of your smartphone. Regardless of where you are physically located, you can manage many feeders at once, change portion amounts, and keep consistency in your pets' eating schedules thanks to the remote access option.

A Fresh and Safe Taste with Every Bite

For the health and enjoyment of your pet, food must be fresh. Innovative measures that keep food in storage safe and fresh are included with automatic feeders. The tank base's unique rotor ensures optimal food distribution and maintains food freshness.

The food is kept safe and secure by safety features, including the twist-lock lid, desiccant bag, sealing strip, and infrared safety system, which also prevents any mishaps or tampering. With these characteristics, you can rest easy knowing that your pet is getting a healthy diet with every bite.

Main Consideration for Automatic Feeder


In conclusion, a number of important factors should influence your selection when selecting an automatic feeder for your pet. Capacity is essential to ensuring that you can feed your pet adequately while you are gone. A high-definition camera is also included, enabling you to keep an eye on your pet's meals, record priceless moments, and quickly handle any health issues. A second level of care is provided by the two-way communication system's capacity to maintain routine and reassure your pet.

Automatic feeders from Petlibro offer comfort, peace of mind, and the best care for your beloved pet with features that assure freshness and safety, remote control through user-friendly apps, and freshness and safety features.

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