Why do cats dip their paws in water?



Cats have various peculiar behaviors, and one of them is dipping their paws in water. It might seem strange and amusing to us, but there are reasons behind this behavior. In this article, we will explore why cats dip their paws in water and discuss ways to increase their water intake.

Curiosity and Playfulness:

Cats are naturally curious creatures and are easily fascinated by moving objects and water. They may dip their paws in water out of sheer curiosity or playfulness. The sensation of water on their paws might provide them with sensory satisfaction and entertainment.

Cooling down:

Cats are renowned for their sensitivity to heat. When faced with hot weather, cats often resort to dipping their paws in cool water as a natural way to regulate their body temperature. By doing so, the cool sensation on their paws effectively lowers the temperature of their blood. This cooled blood then circulates throughout their entire body, enabling them to maintain a comfortable and cool state.

Hygiene and Grooming:

Cats are meticulous groomers, and dipping their paws in water is a part of their grooming routine. They may dip their paws in water to moisten their paws before cleaning their faces or other parts of their bodies. Wet paws can provide them with better control and precision during grooming.

PETLIBRO Why do cats dip their paws in water?

Play or Hunt Simulation:

Playing or hunting simulation can be beneficial for cats, especially outdoor ones. By engaging in activities such as dipping their paws in water, they are able to simulate the experience of hunting prey in rivers or ponds. This not only helps them practice and refine their hunting techniques but also fulfills their innate instincts. Even domestic cats, who primarily live indoors, can exhibit this behavior as they still retain their hunting instincts.

Lack of Proper Water Bowl:

Sometimes, cats may dip their paws in water if their water bowl is not suitable for their needs. If the water bowl is too narrow or shallow, cats may find it difficult to drink without wetting their paws. Providing them with a wider, deeper water bowl can help reduce this behavior.

How to increase your cat's water intake?

We have learned the reason why cats dip their paws in water, in fact, there are many cats like to dip their paws in water to drink, this way of drinking is a bad habit for some cats, it is easy for cats to drink insufficient water, which can lead to some kidney diseases, next we will discuss how to increase their water intake in daily life.

Multiple water sources:

Having multiple water sources throughout the house can encourage cats to drink more water. Place water bowls in different locations, ensuring accessibility for your cats. Some cats prefer drinking from a running faucet or pet fountain, so having these options available can also increase their water intake.

Fresh and clean water:

Cats prefer fresh and clean water. Ensure that their water bowls are replenished with fresh water daily. Avoid placing their water bowls near their litter box, as cats have a natural aversion to drinking water near their waste area.


Elevated water bowls:

Some cats are more comfortable drinking water when it is at a raised level. Consider using elevated water bowls or placing their water bowls on a stable surface, such as a low table or countertop. This can provide them with a sense of security while drinking water.

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Wet food or water-rich diets:

Cats obtain a significant portion of their water intake from their diet. Wet food or water-rich diets can increase their overall water consumption. Consult with your veterinarian to ensure the appropriate diet for your cat's health and hydration needs.

Interactive water toys:

Using interactive water toys can engage and encourage cats to play with water. These toys provide mental stimulation and may prompt cats to drink water while playing.


In conclusion, cats dip their paws in water for various reasons, including curiosity and playfulness, cooling down, hygiene and grooming, play or hunt simulation, and sometimes due to the lack of a suitable water bowl. To increase your cat's water intake, consider providing multiple water sources, ensuring fresh and clean water, using elevated water bowls, incorporating wet food or water-rich diets, and using interactive water toys. By understanding and addressing these needs, we can ensure that our feline friends stay hydrated and healthy.