As the saying goes, "To the people, food is the heaven", and the same is true for cats. Improper feeding may cause the cat's lack of nutrients, which may lead to a series of diseases. Therefore, if you want to raise a cat, the first thing to do is to prepare the most basic and most important diet.

Cat Feeding Tips
Parents of cats all have different feeding methods and plans. Some feed them at fixed points and time, while others fill up several bowls and let the baby eat them at will.

Cat Feeding Tips

So which one is better?

Advantages of fixed-point feeding

  • Feeding cats is to feed them at a fixed time every day, so that they can develop good habits and let the cats have a normal diet.
  • Feed the cat at regular points, so the owner can find out the cat's eating situation in time, and judge whether the cat is unwell through the cat's appetite. In addition, it can prevent cats from eating too much and leading to obesity.

Disadvantages of fix-point feeding

If you go to work or stay away from home for a long time, your baby will be hungry and cause vomiting, or nutritional deficiency.

Automatic Feeder and Fountain
Many parents hope to have the best way to satisfy both sides. They don’t have to worry about being out for too long and unable to feed regularly, causing the baby to be hungry, nor do they need to worry about over-eating and obesity or indigestion caused by filling up fully at once.

The automatic feeder is a good choice. You can feed your baby cat food regularly and quantitatively; the same is true for water. As much as you drink, as much clean water comes out from water fountain

If your cat is too obese or often diarrhea, you should consider your baby did eat too much.

Cat Feeding Tips