Introducing the World’s 1st DIY Cat Tree

Cats get bored quickly. Even with that fancy cat tree you spend big bucks on. After just 1 month, a week, or maybe even just a few days, your cat loses interest in its never-changing cat tree. Seeking new stimulation, they set their claws and paws to your furniture. Meanwhile, the cat tree gathers dust and you’re forced to watch the dollar signs drain away as your fur baby scratches up your expensive leather couch.

If only there was a cat tree that could keep your cat entertained for not just weeks, or months, but possibly years. A cat tree that could grow and change alongside your cat, constantly keeping them on their toes. Well, now there is. Say hello to the Petlibro Infinity DIY Cat Tree, the world’s 1st DIY cat tree.  

 A Customizable Cat Tree That Grows with Your Cats

Cats are inquisitive creatures, always seeking out fun and adventure. Cat trees of the past failed to satisfy this curiosity. They just stayed the same, never changing or challenging your cat’s curious nature with new things to do or explore. Petlibro Infinity Cat Tree is always changing and transforming. Thanks to its modular design, Infinity DIY Cat Tree gives your feline friends something new to explore every day. 

wooden cat tree


This wooden cat tree comes complete with all the components a cat could dream of. This is because different cats have different demeanors. If your cats love to snooze, adding a few comfy cushioned perches will have them snoozing happily. Or perhaps they prefer scratching, in which case adding an extra scratching post will keep them happy. 

And not only that, you can change the cat tree as your fur baby grows. Younger and older cats have different needs when it comes to exercise and nap time. If your aging cat is prone to longer naps, just switch out one of the perches for a tunnel for them to chill out in. You can even lower the entire cat tree if they lack the energy to scale their way to the top. And you can make these changes in minutes thanks to the modular design. Just take it apart and build a whole new playground for you kitty.

Petlibro Infinity DIY cat Tree is built to last thanks to its rope-wrapped wooden structure. This makes it stronger, more stable, and more comfortable than typical paper-tube cat trees. Even as your cat grows and gets heavier, Infinity DIY Cat Tree is able to handle the extra weight, providing a safe and secure hangout zone for your cat.

wooden cat tree

Of course, sometimes accidents happen. Especially when naughty cats are out and about. In case your curious kitty wears down a scratching pole or tears a cushion with a misplaced claw, you can easily exchange the damaged part for a new one. No need to toss out the entire tree. Just contact us and we’ll send you out a new piece in no time.

A Modern Design That Looks Right at Home

Petlibro Infinity DIY Cat Tree is so much more than a playground and hangout spot for your feline friends. By using premium materials such as wood and fabric, this modern cat tree blends in seamlessly with your home décor. The natural colors also help this unique cat tree to fit nicely with the rest of your furniture. No need to keep it hidden in a back room. Set it up right there in the living room, easily accessible for your cats and a focal point for your friends when they pop over to play or take selfies with your cat. 

Petlibro Infinity DIY Cat Tree is available right now and comes in two sizes: the Starter Pack (21 pieces) and the Standard Pack (29 pieces). Get yours now.