Why abandon ordinary bowls and gravity feeders in favor of PETLIBRO automatic feeders?

Does it bother you when you have to leave your lovely fur babies at home? How do you feed your pets while you’re working or on a journey? How do you make sure they have a balanced diet? And what if the food goes bad during this time and makes your pets sick?
Read on to discover why an automatic pet feeder may be a solution.
Instead of using regular bowls or gravity feeders and worrying about your pets’ health, you should seriously consider an automatic feeder. Here are four benefits automatic feeders may provide your pets:

Smart Feeding Assistant

It’s a good idea to switch from manual feeding to automatic feeding so you can feel reassured that your pets are eating well while you’re away. PETLIBRO automatic pet feeder has a 2L large capacity and allows you to set 1–6 meals per day and schedule up to 16 portions per meal. Keep one cat fed for up to two weeks and keep your mind free from worries.

Avoid Pet Binge Eating

Regular bowls usually mean free feeding, and your pets could eat too much and too fast. As a result, they may vomit right after eating and even develop esophagitis. Meanwhile, eating too fast can cause your pets’ bodies to become too alkaline, resulting in an acid-base imbalance and kidney stones. To keep your pets healthy, use PETLIBRO automatic cat feeder to create a feeding schedule tailored to your pets’ eating habits and avoid the negative effects of binge eating.

Maintain A Healthy Weight

For most cats, feeding them multiple small meals every day suits their eating habits and is good for their health. Your feline friends can properly digest their food and achieve PH balance. In this case, pet obesity is no longer an issue. With an automatic feeder, setting up a feeding schedule to help your pets control their weight is just a few taps away.

Farewell, Mold

Lastly, when food is exposed to warm, wet air for a long time, Salmonella can develop. If your pets happen to eat the food at this time, they could get septicemia with symptoms like vomiting and diarrhea. A possible solution? The Air features a secure rotor design and a press-to-release lid to securely lock the pet food in the tank, effectively reducing the breed of germs, preventing pests from entering the tank, and keeping the food fresh and clean.
To help you take better care of your pets while you’re away, PETLIBRO has launched a few automatic feeders that boast some of the above benefits.

PETLIBRO AIR Automatic Pet Feeder

The AIR feeder is a slim model with a long battery life. When you use it with battery power only, the feeder can last 180 days. For those who frequently travel and have little time to stay with their pets, this is an ideal solution to keep their pets fed and healthy.

PETLIBRO GRANARY Automatic Pet Feeder

Keep the pet food fresh for longer thanks to the secure food tank design of this cat feeder. The twist-lock lid, desiccant bag, sealing strip, and rotor work together to lock in the freshness. And your pets can enjoy crunchy and delicious food every time.

PETLIBRO GRANARY WIFI Control Automatic Pet Feeder – Double Food Tray

Connect this feeder to a 2.4GHz or 5GHz Wi-Fi network and feed your pets anytime, anywhere, via the PETLIBRO app. Easily schedule up to 10 meals per day and up to 50 portions per meal. Moreover, the double food tray version makes it easy to feed two cats at the same time.

PETLIBRO GRANARY Camera Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder

Featuring a front camera and an infrared sensor, this camera monitoring feeder allows you to record videos of your pets when they are near the feeder. Watch your furry friends eat their meals on your phone in 1080p. And the infrared night vision makes sure everything is clearly captured, even in the dark.
There are a wide range of feeders from PETLIBRO that are designed to meet your pets’ different needs.
Single food tray feeders are perfect for a one-pet family. Some feeders let you record a voice message and play it at mealtimes to encourage your pet to eat while you’re not at home. And other feeders run on battery or wall power, making life much easier for you and your pets. Just rest assured that whatever you need, we’ve got you covered.