Set Up
The Water Tank Leaking
1. Replace the filter and foam every 2 weeks.
2. Clean the pump and fountain every 2 weeks.
3. To extend the life of pump, please add water before starting the machine.
Q: Is it BPA-free?
A: It is made of high quality ABS material, and it is BPA-free.

Q: Can I keep the fountain plugged all day every day?
A: Yes you can. Just keep an eye on water level so you can add water.

Q: Does the water run continuously or does it automatically shut off after a while?
A: The water continuously runs. You have to unplug it to turn it off. But it is really quiet. You can’t even tell it’s on.

Q: Am I required to use the filter if I already have pure water that will be used in the water fountain?
A: One of the reasons you need the filter is because your pet will be drinking from it and the water is recycled through the filter to keep the water clear of debris such as pet fur and pet saliva too.