Glacier Ultrafiltration Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain
Change Ultrafilters
1. We recommend changing the water and cleaning the water fountain every 7 days.
2. Clean the water tank and basin with a cloth or dishwasher. The stainless steel water tank and basin are dishwasher-safe.
3. The filtration unit cannot be rinsed with water.
4. The ultrafilter is designed for a 2-month usage life. When the filter life indicator turns red, it will remind you to promptly replace the filter for optimal performance.
5. Below the water tank, there is a flat filter for preliminary filtration, and we suggest replacing it every 15 days. 1 ultrafiltration filter contains 4 prefilters.
Q: Do I need to use a filter for this water fountain?
A: Yes, this water fountain only works properly when an ultrafilter is installed.

Q: Is this a cordless water fountain?
A: No, it needs to be connected to a power outlet to work.

Q: Is this water fountain motion-activated?
A: Yes, there are two ways it works. The first one is when a pet approaches (within a 120-degree range and 50cm distance from either sensor), the water fountain automatically provides fresh water for the pet with every drop. The second way is that the water fountain automatically provides water for 60 seconds every hour, encouraging pets to drink while cleaning hair and dirt from the water basin to maintain water purity.