Feeding Made Personal

One RFID Pet Feeder

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The Best Feeder for Multi-Pet Families

Designed for personalization, the ONE RFID feeder makes mealtimes stress free for you and your pets

Note:The feeder can only sync with a single collar tag.

Personal Meals with RFID Pet Recognition

The radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader verifies your pet's collar tag (not microchip), before unlocking the lid to serve food
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Tag with QR Code

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Snap Release Design

RFID Collar Tag for Easy Meal Access

The comfortable, lightweight tag (4.2g) on a snap-release collar features a QR code for added security

Ensure Happy Mealtimes with Privacy

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Monitor Eating Habits with Peace of Mind

App-generated eating pattern insights, such as time and frequency

  • Never Miss a Bite
    Never Miss
    a Bite
  • Get to Know Your Pet
  • Lifetime Log

Wi-Fi Enabled Automatic Feeding

Schedule customized meals through the app with ease, setting the time and quantity

  • Customizable Portions
  • Easy Scheduling
  • On-Demand Treats
Note: Scheduled meals continue even during network errors.
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Explore a Smarter Lifestyle with the Petlibro App

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  • Smart App That Does It All

    Schedule meals, monitor habits, and receive alerts, all in one app.

  • Easy Control of All Devices

    One app can effortlessly connect and control multiple PETLIBRO devices.

  • Reliable Wi-Fi Connectivity

    Enhanced 2.4G and 5G Wi-Fi Connectivity Options.

  • Convenient Multi-User Sharing

    Conveniently share device access with multiple users.

  • Comforting Meal Calls

    Call pets to enjoy meals with your voice, even when you're not home.