How to Choose the Best Petlibro Feeder for Your Pet

At Petlibro, we let our customers lead the way in product development. Every feeder released relies on user surveys and feedback to understand what it is pet owners want, and we treat each feeder as a testament to our commitment to bridging the intertwined lives of pet parents and their pets.

You may be wondering… with so many feeders to choose from, which one is the perfect one for my home? Well, look no further!

Every pet and pet parent deserves to be paired with the perfect feeder that caters to their lifestyle or beloved pet’s preferences. We’re here to go over some of Petlibro’s top automatic feeder picks for you to find your perfect match.

Our Top Feeder Picks for Your Home

Polar Wet Food Feeder

  • Wet Food

  • App-powered

  • 3 portions

Petlibro’s latest addition to our feeder product lineup, coming in as a first-of-its-kind wet food automatic feeder. One of the biggest benefits of Polar is its ability to offer scheduled wet food feeding, allowing pet parents to bring the health benefits of wet food to their pet’s life in the smartest way possible.

With semiconductor cooling technology, smart app control, and the ability to keep wet food fresh for up to 3 days, Polar stands at the pinnacle of wet food feeding technology. No more cumbersome ice packs or manual button presses on the feeder itself, simply plug the feeder in, place wet food into the food bowl, and control everything on your smartphone. In terms of meal scheduling, you can schedule 3 meals of delicious wet food for up to 3 days. Talk about making things easy.

Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder

  • Dry food

  • HD camera

  • App-powered

Never lose sight of your pet’s feeding with the Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder, equipped with a built-in camera with the ability to record videos and upload them to the cloud for later viewing. This feeder also comes with smart app control, with the added benefit of giving you instant alerts whenever the feeder detects your pet is having a meal. Of course, like every other Petlibro feeder, scheduled feeding is an essential feature that users will always have access to.

How to Choose The Best PETLIBRO Feeder for Your Pet

Air Feeder / Air Wi-Fi Feeder

  • Dry Food

  • Cordless and lightweight

  • App-powered option available

Built to be small in size but exceptional in utility, the Air Feeder is perfect for pet parents who want to save as much space as possible. Both compact and cordless, the Air Feeder fits perfectly in any home setup and works perfectly as long as its battery is charged. Petlibro also offers the Air Feeder in two different models, one with smart app control and one without. While the regular Air Feeder may not have smart app control, it boasts a battery life of up to a whopping 180 days.

How to Choose The Best PETLIBRO Feeder for Your Pet

AF301 - One RFID Feeder

  • Dry food

  • RFID collar tag for pet identification

  • App-powered

The One RFID Feeder provides a personal feeding experience to one specific pet, using radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to ensure only a specific pet has access to the feeder. The feeder works by detecting if your pet is equipped with the dedicated RFID collar tag, and opens its lid, protected with two side food bowl shields, to deliver an exquisite private dining experience. With its smart app control function, users can also track their pet’s eating times and frequency, and can even generate insights to get a better idea of their pet’s eating habits. This feeder is ideal for pets who require special attention in multi-pet households, whether they are older, or require a specific diet to keep them as healthy as possible.

How to Choose The Best PETLIBRO Feeder for Your Pet

Finding Your Fit

Each Petlibro feeder is designed to make the everyday care of your pet easier and seamless. Take a glance at all our feeders here. If you can’t find what you’re looking for,we’d love to hear from you. Contact us here.