Peace of Mind of Pets and Owners Alike - Petlibro Granary Series


At Petlibro, we’ve created the Granary series, headed by the Granary 5L Monitoring Version. And now, this series of all-new automatic feeders are ready for you and your pets. Let’s take a deeper dive into this all-new series, and how it's changing the way you and your pets connect.

 The all-new Petlibro Granary automatic pet feeder series ensures you’re always there for your pets—even while you’re away—by keeping them fed and happy right on cue. 

You can choose between four different feeders in the all-new Granary series. Each feeder has been designed to fit the needs of different pet owners, ensuring that whatever your pet situation, you’ve got an automatic feeder ready to keep your pets’ bellies full and your mind at ease. 

Granary 3L Programmable Version is ideal for busy pet owners with little time on their hands. You can set how many feeds and portions the feeder dispenses, as well as schedule the time of each feed. 

Meanwhile, Granary 5L 2-Pet Dinner Set is the feeder for pet owners with multiple cats or dogs. The huge 5L kibble capacity and dual food bowls ensure all your pets get the nutrition they need. And just like with the 3L Programmable Version, you can set the number of feeds.

For pet owners who want to adjust diets on the fly, Granary 5L App Control Version is just what you need. Using the Petlibro Lite app, you can schedule feeds right from your phone, whether you’re cosying up on your couch at home, at the office, or out running errands.

And finally, we get to the flagship of the series.

An Extra Pair of Eyes for That Perfect Peace of Mind

Who wouldn’t love an additional pair of eyes? The ability to keep an extra eye on something is too tempting an offer to pass up, especially if you’re a pet owner. Being able to check in on your fur babies while you’re out the house helps calm your nerves, reassuring you that they’re OK home alone.

Petlibro Granary Monitoring Automatic Feeder adds a 1080p camera system to our popular automatic feeder ensemble. With a built-in 145° wide-angle lens and night vision system, you can get a clear eye of your pets’ antics both day and night. 

And in case you don’t have time to check in live, Granary Monitoring Version has you covered. As soon as the built-in motion detector senses your pets’ movement, it records video clips which you can then view on the Petlibro Lite app. You’ll also receive live alerts, letting you know that your pet is around the feeder so you can check in live, also via the app. And there’s a lot more you can do from the Petlibo Lite app.

With the Petlibro Lite app, you can plan meal portions and feeding times on the fly. Think your cat isn’t eating enough? Just open up the app and schedule more portions. It’s that simple. You can even talk to your pets in real time via the app and the feeder’s two-way voice system. It’s ideal for reassuring and soothing your pets with the warm, familiar sound of your voice.

When it comes to keeping the food fresh, Granary Monitoring Automatic Feeder comes with the same quadruple seal system our customers have been loving for years. Your pets will enjoy fresh food every time thanks to the combination of the patented rotor in the tank base, the twist-lock lid, desiccant bag, and the sealing strip. 

The Petlibro Granary series is now on sale. Get yours today to give both you and your pets that peace of mind you both deserve.