Many pet owners will find that their cats do not like to drink water. Some cats do not want to drink water due to various external reasons. However, if they do not drink water for a long time, it is not good for your cat’s health. So let’s talk about it today.

What is a good way to make cats drink more water?

1. Cats like to drink live water
Many cats are not interested in the water in their basin, and are more interested in the water that flows in the tap pipe. The reason is that cats are curious about everything that can be moved, and water is no exception. If cats do not like drinking water, Pet owners don't guard against buying an automatic drinking fountain that cats like, which can keep it flowing 24 hours a day, and cats will definitely like it.

Petlibro Water Fountain

2. Cats only drink clean water
Cats are animals that pursue the ultimate in cleanliness. The water bowl must be washed clean, and the cat’s eating habits must be taken care of. Cats usually drink water after eating the food. The food scraps on the mouth will fall into the water and contaminate the water or stick to the wall of the bowl. It is best to replace the water with clean water in time after the cat eats the cat food.

Cat drinking water

3. Separate food and water
Try to place the cat food and water at a distance of half a meter. In the cat's instinct, food and water must be separated, so that no pollution occurs.

Cat eat and drink

4.Test different bowls
Generally, cats like large water bowls filled with fresh water, because they don’t like the beard always touching the bowl wall when drinking water. Regarding the material, plastic water bowls are prone to scratches, and glass and porcelain water bowls are healthier and easier to clean. You can place water bowls of several different materials to see which one cat prefers.

Cat drink water

5. Add a little catnip to the water
Catnip is a favorite plant for cats. If the cat doesn't like drinking water, you can add some catnip to the water. Don't use too much at one time, just a small amount like a thumb nail. To prevent the cat from choking, it is best to crush the catnip in advance and add it to the cat’s drinking water to attract the cat to drink.

Cat drink water