Water’s Gone Wireless - Say Hello to Our First Cordless Water Fountain

Wires are annoying, aren’t they? They’re a total trip hazard. Ungainly, too. You’re always trying to hide them behind couches and under carpets. And let’s not forget about the most frustrating thing about wires, at least for pet’s owners—wires are a magnet for curious cats and puppies and their little fangs.

It’s a real problem. Sure, for most gadgets you can hide the wires in a way that your pets can’t nip at them. But when it comes to pet gadgets like automatic pet water fountains, things aren’t so simple.

Pets don’t like it when their water bowl is right up against the wall. It makes them feel cornered. So, you have to position your automatic cat water fountain with the wire exposed. Cue compulsive chewing and a very worried you.

Thankfully, you can avoid this issue entirely with our all-new Dockstream Battery-Operated Automatic Pet Water Fountain—our first cordless water fountain. Let’s take a look at the deets!

The Safest Way for Pets to Hydrate!

Peace of mind. That’s one of the things you get with Dockstream. There’s a rechargeable lithium-ion battery built directly into the base of Dockstream, meaning it features completely chew-proof charging. The battery will also give Dockstream up to 30 days of power on a single charge, keeping your pet hydrated while also protecting them from accidental shock. And this is just the start.

Your Pet’s Free to Drink Wherever

They Want Since Dockstream isn’t tied down by wires, you can set it up anywhere. In the middle of your kitchen. In your yard. On a balcony. Even in your campervan while you and your pets are on vacation. Just set it up where your pets feel the most comfortable.

Complete Protection for Pets… and Dockstream

Pets love to test the limits of your furniture. Many a couch can attest to this—they have the fabric scars to prove it. Dockstream is no different, which is why we’ve engineered it to handle everything your playful pets can throw at it. Dockstream’s IPX7 charging port means it’s high-level waterproof to help the tank base work flawlessly.

Wireless charging and metals are not friends. However, accidents can happen. So, to ensure your pets are always safe come drinking time, Dockstream features a Foreign Body Detection system. If a metal object touches Dockstream’s charging base, it immediately switches off power to protect your furry pals.

Purity in Every Single Drop

All these fancy features are nothing if the water isn’t fresh and clean everytime your cat desires a drink. That’s why Dockstream goes the extra mile when it comes to filtration. As you know, all PETLIBRO automatic cat drinking fountains feature 4-layer filtration systems. Well, Dockstream includes this same system, only in vertical stereo

Dockstream doubles up each of the four layers, meaning each drop your pet drinks is totally free of any possible contaminants. Heavy metals? All removed. Hair? Every fiber is filtered out. And as for dirt, dust, and foul smells, they don’t stand a chance. You can relax without worrying, knowing your pets are drinking nothing but fresh, clean water.

Easy-Clean Design Saves You Time on Chores

Dockstream also makes life easier for you, too. Cleaning gadgets is often a finicky process. Trying to get your cloth into every last corner and crevice can be challenging. Not so with Dockstream.

Thanks to its cordless design, the charging base and the water tank are detachable. When it’s time to clean Dockstream, simply separate the two elements. They’ll be nowhere for the dirt and grime to hide, with every part within easy reach for a quicker, yet deeper clean.

Are you and your pets ready for the convenience of Dockstream Battery-Operated Automatic Pet Water Fountain?

If so, head on over to our official website to get yours today.