Pet Care Made Easy

Smart Monitoring

Remotely monitor your pet's eating and drinking even when traveling

Large Capacity

Ease worries about frequent refills with our large-volume devices

Cordless Comfort

Boundless freedom to safely place the device anywhere you want

Assured Freshness

Keep pet food and water fresher than the spring air

Find The Perfect Fit For Your Pet

Find The Perfect Fit For Your Pet

Best Seller
Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain
A Clear View Into Your Cat's Hydration
$79.99 $92.99 $104.99 $79.99 $92.99 $104.99
Best Seller
Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain
Cordless Design for Easy Portability
$69.99 $82.99 $94.99 $69.99 $82.99 $94.99
Glacier Ultrafiltration Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain
Level Up with Ultimate Filtration
$79.99 $96.99 $112.99
Best Seller
Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder
Keep an Extra Eye on Your Furry Friend
$139.99 $149.99 $139.99 $149.99
Best Seller
Granary Camera Dual Food Tray
Surveillance with Dual Food Trays
$149.99 $149.99
SPACE Automatic Pet Feeder
Vacuum Sealed Flavor and Nutrients
$199.99 $199.99
Stainless Steel Water Fountain
Dishwasher Safe 3-Layer Filtration
$49.99 $63.99 $73.99
AIR WiFi Feeder
Smart, Cordless, and Versatile
$69.99 $69.99
Granary Camera Monitoring Feeder Bundle
Includes App Monitoring Water Fountain
Camera Dual Food Tray Bundle #1
Includes Battery-Operated Water Fountain
Ultimate Pet Care Starter Kit
Best Starter Kits for Beginner Pet Owners
$129.99 $129.99
Build Your Cat’s Own Personal Paradise
$199.00 $399.00
Polar Wet Food Feeder & Granary Camera Dry Food Feeder