Granary WIFI Feeder
How to connect bluetooth
How to solve the Wifi disconnection
How to solve the problem of no low food notification
How to remove the recording from the app
1.Please use the original 5V power supply.
2.Change the batteries every 6 months if not in use for a long time.
3.Use alkaline D batteries as an emergency plan. Do NOT use rechargeable batteries.
4.Fill in dry pet food only; kibble sized 2-15mm / 0.07-0.6in in diameter.
Q: Will this feeder work with larger kibble sizes?
A: The grain size applicable to our products is 2-15mm / 0.07-0.6in in diameter.Larger kibble may get stuck at the food outlet.

Q: How long will the desiccant bag work?
A: It is recommended to change the desiccant bag every 15 days to prevent mold growth.

Q: Can it run on battery power only without the power plug, or is the battery only for backup in case the power goes out?
A: To avoid sudden power outage and the feeding of your pet is affected, do not use the batteries as the only source to power the feeder, the batteries can only be used as an emergency plan. When feeder is powered only by batteries, the WiFi function, record button and reset button would be disabled to extend the working time, the meal schedules will be carried out normally.