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Smart Wet food feeder and fountain hydration bundle
The best summer hydration kit for cats
15% off
Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain
A clear view into your cat's hydration
$79.99 $92.99 $104.99 $79.99 $92.99 $104.99
15% off
Dockstream Battery-Operated Water Fountain
Cordless design for easy portability
$69.99 $82.99 $94.99 $69.99 $82.99 $94.99
15% off
Capsule Dog Fountain
The fountain your dog deserves
$89.99 $72.99 $59.99
15% off
Polar Wet Food Feeder
You both could get used to this
15% off
Capsule Dog Fountain & Cat Fountain
Colorful options for cats and dogs
$85.98 $94.98
15% off
Glacier Ultrafiltration Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain
Level up with ultimate filtration
$79.99 $96.99 $112.99
15% off
Dockstream Water Fountain
Effortless detach and clean process
$39.99 $52.99 $64.99 $49.99 $62.99 $74.99
15% off
Capsule Water Fountain
Refreshing and quiet 24/7 flowing water
$41.99 $55.99 $66.99 $31.99 $45.99 $56.99 $41.99 $55.99 $66.99
15% off
Stainless Steel Water Fountain
Dishwasher safe 3-layer filtration
$73.99 $63.99 $49.99
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Dockstream Replacement Filter

Compatible with WF005/WF105/WF115

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Glacier Replacement Filter

Compatible with WF007

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15% OFF

Stainless Steel Replacement Filter

Compatible with WF003/WF006

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Capsule Replacement Filter

Compatible with WF002

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