Do Cat Fountains Keep Water Cold?


  1. Introduction
  2. The Appeal of Chilled Water
  3. How Fountains Work
  4. Options for Chilled Water
  5. The Bottom Line


During warm weather, providing cats with cool, refreshing water becomes especially important. Water that is chilled to colder temperatures can encourage picky cats to drink up and stay hydrated. This leads many cat owners to wonder if using a cat fountain can effectively keep water cooler for their pet. While the circulating water flow created by fountains prevents stagnation and bacterial growth, most standard cat fountains lack built-in cooling capabilities to chill the water.

The water in basic fountains remains close to room temperature. However, creative cat owners have found some clever tricks to add a chilling element to their pet's fountain if desired. With techniques like adding ice cubes or chilling water before use, moderately cooler water can be achieved in a fountain. For those seeking more high-tech solutions, select high-end fountain models do advertise integrated cooling features to keep water crisp and cold. With some additional efforts, cat fountains can provide felines with the enticing experience of fresher, cooler drinking water.

The Appeal of Chilled Water

Many cat owners wonder if cat fountains can provide chilled drinking water for their cats. Cats, like humans, often seem to prefer cooler water for drinking. A chilled fountain seems appealing, especially during hot summer months.


Do Cat Fountains Keep Water Cold


How Fountains Work

Cat fountains operate by pumping water from a reservoir through tubing up to the dispensing area. This circulating water movement prevents stagnation and provides freshness. However, most standard fountains do not have built-in cooling capabilities. The water temperature stays ambient.

Options for Chilled Water

While fountains don't actively cool the water, there are some options to provide colder water:

  • Add ice to the reservoir: As it slowly melts, the ice will moderately chill the fountain water.
  • Refrigerate or freeze water before addingFilling up the fountain with chilled water from the tap or fridge will buy a few hours of cooler temperatures before the fountain water equals room temperature.
  • Place near an AC ventDirecting cool air from a vent toward the fountain may result in a slight chilling effect.
  • Use chilling accessoriesSome fountain pumps offer attachments to integrate a cooling coil that keeps water crisper.
  • Choose fountains with cooling featuresA small selection of higher-end fountains advertise built-in cooling capacities to keep water cold and refreshing.


Do Cat Fountains Keep Water Cold


The Bottom Line

While most basic fountains don't have active cooling, there are ways to provide your cat with chilled water options through a bit of creativity and effort. Test out different methods to find the right solution for your cat. Just be cautious not to let water get too cold, as this may deter drinking. Offering both cool and ambient temperature water gives your cat options.

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