Why Do You Need To Track Your Cat’s Hydration?


  1. Facts and Statistics on Cat Hydration
  2. Monitoring Cat Hydration
  3. The Dockstream Fountain Helps Solve Problems
  4. The PawSense System

Ensuring that your cat is hydrated is an essential aspect of responsible pet ownership. However, it can be challenging to keep track of how much water your cat drinks, particularly when using a traditional water bowl. Fortunately, with the advent of the PETLIBRO App Monitoring Water Fountain, it's now possible to track your cat's hydration levels effectively and have a peace of mind.

PETLIBRO Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain

Facts and Statistics on Cat Hydration

According to a 2020 survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association (APPA), there are approximately 95 million domestic cats in the United States, with 60% (57 million) potentially at risk of hydration-related health problems. Studies indicate that male and adult cats over the age of six are more susceptible to dehydration issues. Furthermore, it's estimated that around 5.2 to 10.4 million cats in American households experience drinking water problems, leading to urinary tract infections and other related illnesses.

Monitoring Cat Hydration

The PETLIBRO App Monitoring Water Fountain is an innovative product featuring three main functions: water intake data collection, real-time updates, and feedback on water intake goal versus actual intake. You can precisely know how much water your cat has consumed and how much remains in the tank, anytime and anywhere. It's about really getting to know your cat's lapping habits and forming a deeper bond with your cat. 

PETLIBRO Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain

The Dockstream Fountain Helps Solve Problems

As a general guide, a cat needs to drink about 4oz of water per 5lb of body weight every day. Simply do the math, set a daily water goal, and let the app do the rest for you. The app's data visualization tools, backed by the PawSense system, help you analyze the data and respond to potential issues. More importantly, it's the peace of mind that comes along. The moment you get the App Monitoring Water Fountain, you can bid farewell to waking up in the middle of the night to check your cat's water bowl. Stay informed and truly rest at ease.

PETLIBRO Dockstream App Monitoring Water Fountain


The PawSense System

The PETLIBRO app uses the PawSense Health Monitoring System to comprehensively track hydration status. This system collects all of your cat's water consumption data and gives you access to multiple clear reports, such as daily water intake volume, frequency, and time, as well as comparison data on how much your cat drinks every week. Using these hydration reports, you can provide your vet with a clear basis for your cat's physical exam, especially regarding urinary issues. The periodic hydration charts generated by the app help you analyze data and take measures to solve the issues. Additionally, when it comes time for the vet visit, you can show the hydration reports to the vet, which can be extremely helpful in diagnosing any problems.

The PETLIBRO App-monitoring Water Fountain is an ideal solution for pet owners who want to keep their cats healthy and hydrated. Furthermore, it provides a chance to deepen your connection with your cat and gain a better understanding of their behavior. In return, you can finally rest assured that your cat is always protected and well-cared for.

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