Encouraging Your Cat to Drink: How Aesthetics Can Help


  1. The importance of aesthetics
  2. Points you can make about aesthetics and improving cats' water intake
  3. Smart Water Fountains for Your Cat
  4. Final Thoughts

Dehydration is a serious risk for cats, especially those that don't drink enough. While some cats lap up water eagerly from a basic bowl, many cats simply don't find still water in a bowl appealing enough. Recent research shows that factors like movement, sound, and appearance can significantly impact whether cats will drink more.

In this article, we'll look at how improving the aesthetics of your cat's water source can keep them optimally hydrated and healthy.

The importance of aesthetics

Cats are evolved to get most of their water from the prey they eat, so they don't always naturally drink enough from stagnant water sources.

Aesthetic factors like color, shape, and design also strongly influence your cat's preferences and behavior. Cats may favor certain colors or shapes that to them resemble prey. They also tend to prefer water sources that seem more natural and "hidden." One study found that cats drank 38% more from water bowls that were partially concealed compared to exposed bowls in plain sight. Another study found that when given a choice between different colored water bowls, most cats displayed a color preference.

Besides, Petlibro Studies show that features like fountains that move and filter water, integration with smartphone apps, LED lights, and "prey-like" shapes and colors can all encourage cats to drink up to 3 times more water. Proper hydration is essential for your cat's health, especially as they age, so investing in an aesthetically-pleasing cat water fountain can have real benefits.

Points you can make about aesthetics and improving cats' water intake

In this section, we will delve into how aesthetics can play a significant role in encouraging your cat to drink more water. By understanding and catering to your cat's natural preferences for color, shape, concealment, sound, size, freshness, and location, you can create a more enticing environment for your cat to stay hydrated. Keep reading to learn how incorporating these factors can help improve your feline friend's water intake and overall wellbeing.

  • Color: Cats have color vision and may naturally prefer certain colors over others. Colors like blue and green in particular may be appealing to some cats as they resemble natural water sources. Offer your cat choices of different colored fountains and see which they seem to prefer. That color may motivate them to drink more.
  • Shape: Fountains and bowls that have a curved, rounded shape with no sharp edges may be more natural and appealing to cats. Their shape should also make it easy for cats to see the water surface and access the water source. Some cats also prefer wide, shallow bowls that don't reveal their reflection.
  • Concealment: As cats feel most vulnerable while drinking, a fountain with areas that provide some concealment or a sense of coverage may feel more natural and help a cat feel at ease. Things like fountains placed in a corner, with a hood, or near the back of a stand can feel sheltered. Some cats also prefer fountains that can be placed at multiple heights.
  • Sound: The gentle, trickling sound of running water stimulates many cats' senses and makes drinking feel more natural and appealing. Fountains that provide an adjustable flow rate allow you to match the speed and sound of the water to whatever most attracts your cat. Some cats also enjoy fountains with bubbling streams and water features.
  • Size: In nature, cats prefer small standing pools of fresh, running water rather than large stagnant ponds. Offer your cat a fountain size appropriate for the number of cats in your home, but avoid very large fountains that may seem unnatural and make the cat feel on display or insecure while drinking. Multiple smaller fountains spaced throughout the home may be ideal.
  • Freshness: To seem most natural and potable, a fountain should provide your cat with clean, filtered, running water. Replace and refill the fountain with fresh, appealing water daily and clean the fountain weekly or as needed to prevent buildup. Cats prefer water that looks, smells and tastes clean and natural.
  • Location: Placing multiple water stations in high-traffic spots through your home, especially near areas where your cat eats, sleeps or plays, makes it more convenient and natural for your cat to stop for a drink. Your cat will have more opportunities to see and hear the trickling, filtered water and become interested enough for a drink. With more water access, your cat will likely develop better lifelong hydration habits.


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There's no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to getting your cat to drink more - what works for one may not work for another. You'll need to test out different water fountains, shapes, colors and placements to determine the perfect set up for increasing your cat's water intake. Be willing to experiment and keep an open mind! The only way to know for sure is to give it a try!

Smart Water Fountains for Your Cat

"Smart" pet water fountains are designed to maximize your cat's interest in drinking by improving aesthetics and convenience. Features like:

  • Adjustable water flow and multiple power options allowing you to customize to your cat's preferences. Studies show moving water encourages cats to drink up to 3 times more.
  • Easy-to-clean design and dishwasher-safe components minimizing mess and waste to keep your cat interested in using the fountain.
  • Phone app integration for monitoring and controlling the fountain remotely. Stay on top of your cat's hydration and usage statistics to ensure they are drinking enough each day.
  • Multiple color options including black, white, and grey allowing you to choose a color your cat naturally prefers based on their evolutionary instincts.
  • LED lights moving in a circular pattern to attract your cat's attention and interest much like prey would in the wild. Cats are naturally drawn to lights and sounds that mimic small prey animals.

Fortunately, Petlibro pet smart water dispensers have all of the above.

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By investing in a pet water fountain with these impactful aesthetic features, you can keep your cat thoroughly hydrated by making drinking more appealing and natural for their instincts.

Cat health and longevity significantly depend on proper water intake, so a fountain customized to your cat's preferences and tastes can mean the difference between an optimally hydrated cat and one at risk of dehydration or other issues.

Final Thoughts

In summary, aesthetics play an important role in your cat's drinking behavior and health. Factors like color, shape, concealedness, movement and more can encourage your cat to drink up to 3 times more. Smart pet water fountains are designed with features tailored to your cat's aesthetic preferences and natural instincts to keep them hydrated and happy lifelong. Your cat's good health depends on you providing them an appealing source for the water they need every day.

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