Is My Cat Drinking Enough Water?

How Much Water Should My Cat Drink Per Day?

It depends. There are many factors which affect how much water your cat should drink per day. First and foremost is a cat’s size and weight. The heavier and larger your feline friend is, the more water they’ll need to consume to stay hydrated. On average, a cat should drink around 3.5 to 4.5 ounces of water per day per 5 pounds of body weight. If you use metric, that’s 99 to 128 ml of water each day per 2.2 kgs of body weight.

Check out this table to get a good idea on how much your cat needs to drinking on a daily basis, according to their weight: 

Of course, weight and size alone aren’t the only factors to consider when monitoring your cat’s daily water intake. Activities levels must also be considered. Active cats require more water, while lazy ones need less.

You also need to pay attention to the weather. Hot, humid days will have you cat—especially furry breeds bred for cold climates—sweating profusely. Just like humans, cats lose water when sweating, so it’s crucial for them to drink more when things start to hot up.

Please take note these are only guidelines. Each cat is different. Contact your veterinarian to check if you cat has special requirements.

Why Isn’t My Cat Drinking Their Water?

Most cats don’t drink enough. This comes down to how they evolved. Cats lack the natural instinct to drink lots of water. Their ancestors got most of the moisture from their prey. However, modern house cats rarely catch live prey. Instead, they eat a dry food diet that’s lacking in moisture. Cats naturally avoid seeking out water. However, there are a few other reasons why your cat isn’t drinking their water.

1)They’re suspicious of standing water: Cats are weary of still water. This has been hardwired into the brain by thousands of years of evolution. In the wild, standing water provides the perfect place for harmful bacteria to grow. If a cat drank such water, it could become extremely sick. 

2)Cats have sensitive tastes when it comes to water: Cats are picky when it comes to water. Certain tastes and odors in the water might out they off from drinking. 

The best way to solve these problems and get your cat drinking again is to get an automatic water fountain. Here’s why.

Why You Need a Cat Water Fountain

Automatic water fountains keep the water flowing. This let’s your cat know that the water is safe to drink. There’s little-to-no-chance of bacteria or other harmful pathogens growing in the water. Here at Petlibro, we offer 3 different types of cat water fountains. Let’s take a look at all 3 so you can find the one that fits your cat’s hydration needs the best. 

Petlibro Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain

Made from high-quality 304 stainless steel, this fountain is ideal for messy cats and busy families. It's easy to clean, very durable, and is rust and corrosion resistant. It’s also BPA-free, and all parts except the pump and filters can be cleaned in a dishwasher.

The adjustable water flow allows you to increase or decrease the flow of water to match your cat’s needs. Want to encourage your cat to drink more to avoid dehydration and suffering from urinary and kidney diseases as a result? Just increase the water flow with a simple turn of the pump control on top of the fountain.


Petlibro Capsule Automatic Pet Water Fountain

Pure water on-tap 24/7. That’s what your cat can look forward to with Petlibro Capsule Automatic Pet Water Fountain. The 5-level filtration system features ion exchange resin and coconut shell activated carbon, which work together to purify the water.

It’s also startlingly silent. Clocking in at ≤28dB, which is quieter than breathing, neither you or your cat will be kept up at night, even as the water continues to circulate 24 hours a day.


Petlibro Rainbow Automatic Pet Water Fountain

This fountain is specially designed for cats who suffer from feline acne. The fountain is made from Alpine clay, a safe and natural material that’s safe for your cat’s delicate skin. There’s no worry of your pet pal ingesting harmful plastics and metals.

It’s also easy to clean and dishwasher safe. Every part of the fountain except for the pump and filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher. And talking of those filters, there are 4 in total. The result? Safe, clean water for your cat.