Your best pet feeding assistant when back to the office

The work from home revolution is fading. As life returns to (somewhat) normal, bosses are calling us back to the office. Maybe you’ve had such a call and are reluctant to return. After all, you’ve got your pet to look after.

Who’s going to feed them while you’re at work? Sure, you could call a sitter, but the costs soon add up. And your neighbours’ and family are just as busy as you. Thankfully, with Petlibro there’s a way to keep to pets happy, you can customize your pet’s feeding routine and portion sizes. They can work well when you’re out the house. You’ll have your freedom back, and Fido will have a full belly. 

petlibro granary feeder with camera

With our New Launch Star,  Petlibro Granary Camera Monitoring Automatic Pet Feeder, the king of the Granary series, you can rest easy knowing your pets are fully fed via its camera. Let’s take a deeper dive into why you need this feeder in particular.

Sometimes you’re away from home for longer than the normal 9 to 5. Maybe your boss has picked you specially to attend an out-of-town conference. Being away from you pets for such a long time makes you anxious. Of course, they’ll have plenty to eat thanks to your automatic cat feeder. But the only way you can truly reassure yourself that they’re safe and happy is see them with your very own eyes. A normal automatic pet feeder isn’t enough. What you need is the Petlibro Granary Monitoring Automatic Feeder.

pet feeder with camera

 Petlibro Granary Monitoring Automatic Feeder is the smart pet sitter you need. See every adorable moment courtesy of the built-in 1080p wide-angle camera. This even includes your pet’s night-time antics. The night vision system coupled with the 145˚ wide-angle lens ensures they’re always in view. Check if they’re getting enough to eat or sneaking a snooze on your couch (after telling them not to!) all in real time, anywhere in the world. And this Granary Monitoring Auto Feeder is more than an extra pair of eyes.

Pets get anxious when you’re not around. A camera allows you to see them, but what about the other way around? That’s where Granary’s two-way voice system comes in. The built-in microphone picks up every woof and meow, while you can respond with reassuring words via the speaker. Expect Couple this with the camera and you’ll feel closer to your fur babies than ever before. Distance is no obstacle to your pets’ health and happiness and your bonds will grow ever stronger. All of this can be done remotely thanks to the Petlibro Lite app.

cat feeder with camera

This app brings you and your pets closer together, no matter how vast the distance between you. Petlibro Lite app acts as your eyes, ears, and hands. See and talk to your pets, and even plan their mealtimes and portion sizes. And there’s more.

Nothing comes close to the speed and stability of Petlibro Granary Monitoring Automatic Feeder’s Wi-Fi connection. Compatible with both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks, fuzzy video or stuttering audio are a thing of the past. Every fur-tastic moment comes through crisp and clear. And the connection isn’t the only thing that’s fresh about this feeder.

No pet like stale kibble. Yet this is often the case with open bowls and inferior feeders. What’s more, unwelcome critters could snack of your pet’s food, leading to an unwanted house infestation. Petlibro Granary Monitoring Automatic Feeder ensures every bite is as fresh as the first thanks to the combination of the patented rotor in the tank base, twist-lock lid, desiccant bag and sealing strip. In fact, all Granary series feeders for cats come with this guaranteed-fresh food storage system, as well as the food-grade stainless-steel bowl for healthy and hygienic feeding.

petlibro granary series

Altogether, Petlibro Granary Monitoring Automatic Feeder is a great choice for busy pet parents. The combo of the camera and microphone keep your connected to your pet pals wherever you are in the world, while the quadruple seal system keeps their belles full of fresh kibble. Don’t wait until you’re stuck at the office worried about your pets. Get in at launch so you can breathe easy and show your pets how much you love them any time anywhere.