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The fountain your dog deserves

Capsule Dog Fountain

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The best things in life
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Whirlpool water flow

Pulls dog fur, crumbs, grit and grime
into the filtration system

Splash-less design

360° splash guards prevent
dog-made messes

The key to clean water,
5-layer filtration

Filters fur, heavy metals, bad odors, and helps inhibit bacterial growth

Note: Filters can last up to 2 weeks.

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battery reserve

Stay worry-free during power outages

1. Battery life may vary. The wire linked to the pump is not detachable.
2. Pump will automatically start when it encounters water.


Capsule Dog Fountain

The fountain your dog deserves

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Capsule & 10 Filters
  • Capsule & 10 Filters
  • Capsule & 4 Filters
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