PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder 3L Black
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder, Automatically Feed Your Pet On Schedule
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder, Safe and healthy storage keeps every biteas fresh as the first
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder, easy to clean
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder, voice feeding reminder
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder, stop dispensing if the food outlet is blocked
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder, Sleep through the night without waking up
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder, 3L and 5L options
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder 3L White
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder 5L White
PETLIBRO Granary Automatic Feeder 5L Black
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Granary Automatic Feeder

Keeps Food as Fresh as The First


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  • 3L
  • 5L
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Safe Food Storage
Safe Food Storage
Keep food fresh and keep pests out
Keep food fresh and keep pests out
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Dual Power Mode
Plug the feeder into a wall outlet for power. When there is a power outage, you can use 3 D alkaline backup batteries (not included) to power the feeder and use it in an emergency.
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Easy to Use & Clean
Featuring a clear display and buttons, the feeder lets you easily set up schedules and feed your pet. It's also easy to detach for cleaning.
*The feeder base is not washable.
Triple-Element Anti-Clog Design
Triple-Element Anti-Clog Design
Recommended kibble size: 2–15mm (0.07–0.6in) in diameter
Recommended kibble size: 2–15mm
(0.07–0.6in) in diameter
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Silicone Rotor
Dispenses food on schedule without clogging.
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Segmented Structure
3 segments ensure even food dispensing.
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Infrared Detection
The IR sensor automatically stops the feeder when an obstruction is detected.
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Reduce Food Jamming
Compatible with dry kibble with sizes
ranging from 2–15mm (0.07–0.6in)
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How to install the feederimg
  • 1
    Twist the lid anticlockwise to remove the lid.
  • 2
    Pull up along the notches on either side to remove the food tank. Take out the food bowl inside the food tank.
  • 3
    Place the desiccant bag into the inner box under the lid.
  • 4
    Install the food tank. Align the food tank with the notches on both sides of the tank base.
  • 5
    Add dry pet food to the food tank. Put the lid back on. To snap into place, turn the lid clockwise from the right rotating sign to the left rotating sign.
  • 6
    Install the Food Bowl. Attach the bowl to the designated notches underneath the feeder base.
What's in The Box
  • 1 x PETLIBRO Automatic Pet Feeder
  • 1 x Food Bowl with Holder
  • 1 x Power Adapter
  • 1 x User Guide Kit
  • 1 x Desiccant Bag
  • Specification
  • Model:
    PLAF005(3L) / PLAF006(5L)
  • Capacity:
    3 Liters / 5 Liters
  • Screen:
    LED screen
  • Power:
    DC 5V power adapter
  • Power Adapter:
    AC110-240V input, DC 5V output
  • Working Current:
    Avg. 80mA
  • Operating Temperature:
    0°C-55°C / 32°F-131°F
  • Dimensions:
    28 × 19 × 19cm / 11 × 7.5 × 7.5in (3L)
  • Net Weight:
    1.5kg / 3.3lbs (3L)
  • Dimensions:
    34.6 × 19 × 19cm / 13.6 × 7.5 × 7.5in(5L)
  • Net Weight:
    1.64kg / 3.6lbs (5L)
  • Meals Setting:
    1-6 Meals
  • Portion Setting:
    1-50 Portions
  • Each Portion Sized:
  • Allowed Kibble Sized:
  • FAQ
    Question: Can this be used for wet cat food? Answer: The machine only works with dry food.
    Question: Can it work for larger dogs? Answer: This would be more suited for a small or medium pets.
    Question: How many pounds of dry cat food can it hold? Answer: This Automatic Cat Feeder can hold 3 liters of dry food(or 5 liters), it is suitable for cats and small to medium dogs. You can even feed rabbits, squirrels, guinea pigs or birds.
    Question: Will this feeder work with larger kibble sizes? Answer: The grain size applicable to our products is 2-15mm / 0.07-0.6in in diameter, and please fill it with dry pet food only.
    Question: What is the maximum number of times can food come out per meal? Answer: Up to 50 portions per meal.
    Question: How much volume is in each portion? Answer: Each portion is about 20ml/10g. ≈ 1/12 cup
    Question: How many cups does it dispense a day? Answer: 1 portion is 0.08 cup. 50 servings(4 cups) a meal,and up to 6 meals each day. Total is 24 cups.
    Question: How long will the desiccant bag work? Answer: Replace them every two weeks.
    Question: Can portions be different for different times of feeding? Answer: Yes. Each feeding can be a different portion size.
    Question: Can cat shake the feeder to get more food out? Answer: The dispenser used in our product is fully enclosed, which can effectively avoid the problem of shaking and falling food.
    Question: Can it run on battery power only without the power plug, or is the battery only for backup in case the power goes out? Answer: Yes, but we recommended to use it together, so that the feeder can continue to work during power failure or when the battery is dead.
    Question: Is the bowl removable? Answer: Yes, it is removable and easy for people to remove.
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    1. 12 months product warranty period. 2. After-sales service provided for product issues caused by non-artificial reason. 3. Click here to learn more about our warranty policy. 4. For any questions, please contact us via
    1.Please use the original 5V power supply. 2.Change the batteries every 6 months if not in use for a long time. 3.Suitable for cats and small to medium dogs. 4.Fill in dry pet food only; kibble sized 2-15mm / 0.07-0.6in in diameter.
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